Password Policy

digginIT recommends strong password policies to help protect both you and your organizations information from theft, ransom, and damage. 

We recommend the following password strength rules be put into your office Password Policy. This policy should be used for all office related accounts including local computer accounts, network accounts, email accounts, as well as services such as Facebook, Dropbox, Apple, Microsoft and Google. 

The password policy should; 

  1. Exclude name from password
  2. Include mixed case
  3. Include numeric characters
  4. Include special characters
  5. Set a minimal password length of 9 or more characters

A good example of a password that meets the above rules would be "#G0j3tsG0!"

For further security two step verification could also be enabled. Two-step verification is a process involving two subsequent but dependent stages to check the identity of an entity trying to access services in a computer or in a network with just one factor or secret, whilst there is no proof obtained that the bearer of the unit is identical to the owner of the unit.

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