Where to put your server

Before you turn on your new server, you must find a suitable location for it to live. 

A typical server is designed to live in production for between 3 and 5 years, but some last much longer. By following these 5 rules before powering it on for the first time, your server may provide you with many years of faithful reliability. 

1) Clean power. Your server needs clean electricity more than anything to run smoothly. This means that the server is not plugged into the same wall outlet as any printer or other large power hungry electronics. It also means that the server is plugged into a UPS suitable for the load and runtime required incase of power failure. Lastly, the server must not be plugged into any extension cables. 

2) Safe, secure location. Your server is full of your data. Your data is important stuff. You need to physically secure your data so it remains your server and data. Securing it to a wall or pipe, and locking drive bays can help thwart theft. 

3) Clean Air. Your server has moving parts deep inside. Dust and other air borne pollutants can shorten the life of your server. Keep it in a clean and tidy location. 

4) Cool. Do not set your server in window with the mid day sun beating down upon it. The cooler your computer runs, the longer life it will have. 

5) Don't Move IT! You want to place your server in a spot that it will likely never move from. You want it tucked away where no figures or feet might accidentally hit buttons and pull wires. However, you might want to have access 

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