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Note Station is versatile, possessing many features to help you get the most out of your notes. The first thing you may consider doing is creating a new notebook. When new notes are created, if a notebook is not specified, the new note will be created in My Notebook. You may find creating notebooks to be very helpful in organizing your notes once you start accumulating many notes.

To create a new notebook:

  1. At the top of Note Station, click Create.
  2. Click Create Notebook
  3. Enter a title for your new notebook.
  4. Click OK

When you are ready to create a new note, click Create. You have several options: 

  • Create Note: This will create a note in the active notebook. If there is no active notebook, the new note will be created in My Notebook.
  • Create Encrypted Note: This will create a password-protected note. Refer to Managing Notes for more information.
  • Create Note In...: This will directly create a new note in the specified notebook.


  • You can also create a new notebook by right-clicking Notebook in the menu panel, and then clicking Create Notebook.
  • You can rename My Notebook by right-clicking My Notebook and selecting Rename to enter a new notebook title.
  • New notes are named Untitled by default.

Once you have created a new note, it is time to add content. 

To edit notes:

  1. In the menu panel, click on the notebook that contains your note. You can alternatively click on All Notes to view all notes in Note Station.
  2. Note(s) will appear in the browser panel. Click on the note you want to edit. You can also right-click a note and select Edit.
  3. Your selected note should appear in the note panel. Start editing away!

Note Station offers you many features to edit and add content to your notes with:

  • Rich text editing: Many familiar text editing features are available in Note Station. Tooltips will appear when you hover your mouse over the different icons.
  • Embedding multimedia: You can directly insert links, pictures, and Youtube videos into your notes.
  • Attachments: Upload attachments to your note. There is no limit on number of attachments; you are only restricted by the amount of storage space on your Synology NAS.

To embed a Youtube video:

  1. Copy the Youtube video link you want to embed.
  2. In the note panel, click Insert/edit link.
  3. Paste the copied Youtube video link in URL.
  4. Check Embed Youtube video.
  5. Click OK.

To save your note:

Note Station makes saving notes simple. While you are working on your note, Note Station automatically saves a copy of your note every ten minutes and when Note Station is idle for ten seconds. In addition, Note Station will also save a copy when you switch to another item. A complete version history is also saved for each note. See Managing Notesfor more information about version history. Sync now! can also be used to manually save your note.

When using Note Station from different places (e.g., multiple browsers and mobile devices), you can click Sync now!to retrieve the latest data from your Synology NAS. The different panels as well as newest note content/information will be updated. You have the convenience of creating a new note in one place, and finishing it at another place.

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