Acceptable use policy (AUP)

An acceptable use policy (AUP) establishes an important understanding between businesses and staff. An AUP is a set of rules that describes how everyone may use the company’s computers and network resources, including the Internet.

If a staff member breaks the rules, the consequences for not following the rules are spelled out in the AUP. 

There are many reasons to have an AUP in place. With it, you can protect your company from dangerous online behaviour and hold those responsible for their actions.

AUP can be enforced on Apple computers and devices with policy, during staff on boarding and via login window reminders.

Cisco's blog has an excellent article on why all businesses need an AUP. I suggest you read it here

There is a link below to a generic AUP document that you can use to craft your offices first AUP. 

If you need help or have any questions along the way, please contact me. 


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