Directory Integration

This course is designed for system administrators and IT professionals who need to gain knowledge about directory services, and how to effectively configure OS X computers to access directory services and configure OS X Server to provide directory services in a mixed-platform environment, specifically Active Directory.

During this course, you will discover how to expertly manage OS X server. You will also learn how to use a range of Apple and Third Party management tools and commands.

What the Directory Integration course will teach you
  • Learn how to integrate the Client into several Directories services.
  • Gain an overview and understanding LDAP.
  • How to configure an Open Directory Master and Replicas.
  • How to configure Active Directory.
  • How to extend Active Directory Schema.
  • How to troubleshoot login issues.
Who should attend the Advanced Directory course?
  • OS X system administrators.
  • Windows administrators.
  • If you need to know how to integrate Mac clients into an Directory.
  • If you’re an existing Mac support tech, or ACSA techs and want upgrade your knowledge and skill set.

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending this course:
  • An understanding of OS X.
  • Basic troubleshooting experience or OS X Support Essentials 10.10
  • Basic OS X Server experience or OS X Server Essentials 10.10
  • Experience with OS X in a network environment
  • Experience using the command-line interface with OS X
Course Overview
  • Local Directory: Understanding the Local Directory and what is required by the system for the user accounts. See how the local Directory interacts with the processes and what tools we can use to modify it.
  • Open Directory Server: Configure client to Access an Open Directory System, Troubleshooting login and binding issues.
  • Accessing Third Party Servers: Understanding LDAP, Configuring OS X client computer to login using a standard LDAP server.
  • Configure Open Directory: Configuring Master and Replicas and configure clients to use both.
  • Active Directory: Deploying OS X in an Active Directory environment. Configure Active Directory and then bind the clients to it.
  • Directory Solutions: Look into different options like implementing the Golden Triangle, substitutions and repurposing.
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