What is Deploy Studio?

Image. Deploy. Configure.

Saving time is a daily concern for system administrators, especially with the increase of minor interventions requested by end-users: accidentally modified system preferences, third-party applications instability or misconfigured, wrong access rights, viruses, etc... OS X is stable and robust but the capacity to (re)install completely a workstation or a server in a few minutes following a preset workflow that automatically restores the right disk image, configures and backs up what was planned by the administrator is a real benefit in terms of time and money. DeployStudio was designed this way, in order to manage flawlessly large deployments of workstations, servers and cluster nodes.

Key features

  1. Image & deploy Macintosh computers and PCs

  2. Advanced computers reconfiguration (Macintosh computers only)

  3. Full automation support

  4. Realtime deployment monitoring

  5. Freeware... but if you find it useful, feel free to make a donation to the authors !

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